Sports Massage 

Here at Exeter Sports Therapy you don't have to be taking part in sports to benefit from sports massage. Sports massage is a deep, yet relaxing treatment, which can help you unwind and loosen up from stresses and strains of everyday life.


Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Helps to relieve pain 

  • Helps to improve recovery 

  • Helps to prevent injuries

  • Helps to improve performance 

  • Helps to promote healing 

  • Helps to reduce spasm

  • Helps keep muscles healthy 

  • Helps to improve movement range

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Pregnancy Massage

Here at Exeter Sports Therapy we have specialised adapted benches especially for pregnancy massage. With the ability to lie on the bench up until 40 weeks pregnant. 

Pregnancy massage is to be carried out to those in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. A note from a doctor or midwife must be presented. 

This treatment has many benefits such as:

  • reducing stress

  • reducing tension and anxiety

  • reducing swelling (common areas ankles and fingers)

  • minimises nausea

  • lifts the mood,

  • helps prepare the body mentally, physically and emotionally for the birth 

  • helps reduce any common discomforts throughout the pregnancy.


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