Treatment typically includes a wide range of techniques combined to tailor each patient. These include a combination of therapeutic massage, therapeutic ultrasound, mobilisations, acupuncture, muscle stretches and exercises, supported with advice on posture, movement and everyday life goals. By incorporating treatment we see and achieve fantastic results. 

A typical visit for the average patient will include the following treatment combined in each session:

  • Therapeutic massage 

  • Acupuncture 

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound / Laser Therapy

  • Stretches and Rehabilitation Exercises 

  • Postural Advice 

The overall cost of treatment varies from patient to patient depending on the nature of the condition, how long the complaint as been present, age and other lifestyle factors. Generally the overall cost of your care can be broken down into the initial consultation/first visit and following treatment sessions.

Available for an all inclusive fee of £40 (regular price £50)*

* 20% off consultation/first visit. £40 is our current online consultation price - no online discount code required. Regular price £50. Click here for 'First Visit Special Offer' for further details and to print out the voucher. 

Here at Exeter Sports Therapy, we treat a wide variety of conditions including sport and non-sport related injuries. Musculoskeletal conditions are very common and are a major cause of ill-health, pain and disability in the UK. Musculoskeletal conditions can affect people from all ages and lifestyles. 


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